Osgrrr has award-winning Brushy Sticks in three sizes!

Bocce’s Bakery Brushy Sticks – awarded first place in the Best New Natural Product category by the American Pet Products Association – are available from Osgrrr.com.

Made with apples, coconut and peppermint oil to freshen a pup’s breath in an all-natural way, the dental bars also remove tartar and plaque from dogs’ teeth as they chew.

“With a chewy texture, it allows pups to really sink in their chompers,” says the company, adding there’s lots of bristled-ridges to “scrub hard to reach places and polish pearly whites with every bite.”

There are no artificial flavours, fillers or chemicals, and the bars are also wheat and grain-free made from 100 per cent real ingredients, says the Bocce’s website.

Other ingredients are molasses and flaxseed. Owners are instructed to feed one Brushy Stick per day. 

See small, medium and large.