Our pet store Osgrrr butlers know how to party. Gather 5-20 of your FRIENDS (with, or, without their pups, you decide) at your house, driveway, backyard, park, Zoom, or wherever you enjoy social distancing. Nibble on snacks, sip some drinks, and we'll do the rest.

The best part: YOU get rewarded! 

  • Up to $100 FREE Osgrrr pet store products or services as a THANK YOU. How? For every $100 sold (before taxes), you get $10 for up to $100 to spend (before taxes) in discounts, free products, and services.
  • PLUS, a thank-you gift for your FOUR-LEGGED!

IN-PERSON – get your friends together, pour some drinks, put out some human treats, and SHOP! 

VIRTUAL – invite your friends to shop the collection online, and you still get credit! We will give you your own PROMO code to redeem your reward.

ZOOM – have your party the way the COOL kids are doing it now, and you still get to shop with your promo code. (TALK to us about how to arrange it. For example, you can buy treats for your friends' four-leggeds to enjoy while online, and since we deliver, we can get it to them before the parrrty).

Our pet store will reward you – To thank you, REDEEM what you have earned, up to $100 in discounts, free products, or dog walking if it's within our zone.


How do I book a home pet store party?

  • Email osgrrr@osgrrr.com or DM @osgrrrthepetbutler

Who should host a party?

  • DOG lovers! It's a neat way to connect with your friends for fun and rewards. We'll bring our collection of toys, treats, compostable poop bags (WHAAAT?), healthy food, yummy shampoos, and more to you. Host a themed party like Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Canada Day, or Pet Birthday. Talk to us, and we can customize your poochie party.
  • Hosts earn $10 for every $100 SPENT – up to $100 for YOU to spend.

How does Osgrrr pet shop handle invitations?

  • Our pet store butlers recommend that you email a SAVE the date, and we can send you some invite templates to use to send personalized invitations to your guest list.

When can I host the party?

  • Most parties held from 5-8 p.m. are successful any day of the week; however, we can accommodate other times that suit you. Just CONTACT us with your preferred date and timeframe, and we'll be there.

What can I serve?

  • We suggest light nibblies and drinks. You don't have to go overboard; your guests will be so BUSY playing with dog toys and deciding on the best canine treats, they won't eat much at the party. 

What if my friends can't make it, can they shop online?

  • You'll never find the PERFECT date when everyone can attend. No worries! If your friends can't attend, they'll still be able to shop your event online at www.osgrrr.com using your promo code at checkout.