Osgrrr's curated pet collection delivers

With a mission to be as environmentally and socially responsible as possible, Osgrrr founder Yvonne Faulkner has launched a new pet supplies boutique and service provider that's set to be an industry disruptor.

It's all about delivery – on two fronts. “We bring what you want to you. All you have to do is decide what you would like, and we do the rest,” says Faulkner. "But we also deliver on our pledge to give the humans impeccable customer service and make their lives easier."

Q. Let’s start at the beginning; what is Osgrrr the Pet Butler?
A. “Osgrrr is a pet retail outlet with a service that delivers your purchases, thus saving you time, transportation/or shipping costs. You don't have to remember you’re running out of basics like food – which I did all the time with my dog – and then drag heavy bags either to your car or on the TTC and into your home. 

Meanwhile, getting healthy, affordable dog food delivered isn’t as easy as it sounds; traditionally the industry has relied on shipping or in-store shopping. If they do deliver it’s based on minimum buys or to customers within a very discrete neighbourhood, and not the entire City of Toronto. 

It occurred to me, with so many people working from home now that if they run out of dog essentials, they have to actually go out at the end of their day for a special trip to do it rather than pop into a shop on the way home the way they used to. There's something about that. Also, since the mission is to be as environmentally responsible as possible at the same time, a service delivering multiple orders at once instead of each customer driving to the store individually, seemed like a good start. 

And if you join the subscription service, we joke that means never having to scramble an egg again because you realize too late the dog food bin is bare. 

We have great toys, fun/healthy treats, grooming essentials. And services like dog walking with experienced walkers. We even have a pet taxi service. And then there are the parrrties."

Q. Why the pet industry? Don't we already have a number of pet businesses doing this? And did the pandemic have an impact on your decision to launch Osgrrr?
A. Great question! It started with a simple love for dogs.  As I began researching, I got more and more excited about the products, the size of the industry, the passion that the suppliers and pet owners have, and the recession-proof nature of the pet industry. 

Of course, all of this research was during the pandemic lockdown, and it became apparent that the old school pet stores are great, but there’s room for something new now. Many didn’t pivot fast enough to click and collect, e-commerce, delivery, or even shipping. And does it ever feel to you like the stores all have the same products? We have a smaller collection, but it's mighty because they aren't the every-day products and they are focused on being environmentally responsible. Plus, they're really affordable! It just seemed like the industry was ready for something new, building on their prior success."   

Q. What is it about your business that is different from other pet essentials providers?
A. "Everything!  Osgrrr is doing what everyone is dabbling in, but no one is doing well. Osgrrr delivers – FREE in GTA, no minimum.  Osgrrr is a butler – he walks dogs, he takes them to vet appointments in his limo, he has parrrties.   Osgrrr is super particular about the products – no mainstream junk here.  Osgrrr is built by a group of entrepreneurs with serious experience in retail, subscription, social media & customer service … not a bunch of men in a boardroom.  And, goop-like – Osgrrr.com is more than a place to shop; it’s full of entertaining and educational news about all things pet!

Q. Don’t all pet shops offer delivery on their websites? How are you going to do it better?
A. "Actually, shockingly, no, they don’t all have delivery online. Many aren’t even online at all for shopping.  And, the ones who are usually have shipping with the usual fees attached or a minimum purchase needed to qualify for free delivery."

Q.Who are the targets of this? Forgetful pet owners? Why is this such a great idea …
A. "Seniors, condo-dwellers, urbanites without cars, and busy moms/dads shouldn’t have to worry about lugging home a big bag of dog food or pay extra for delivery or shipping. We’ll just drop it off, so you never run out or have to run out again!  Your dog will thank you!  More time at home with FIDO and no need to make rice and chicken because you forgot to get dog food!"

Q. So, to clarify, what are the different delivery options? GTA only?
A. "FREE delivery in GTA, and shipping outside GTA."

Q. Who are you? What is your background? Don’t you need a pet background to do this or is it that with your particular business experience it brings a fresh perspective?
A. "I’m a seasoned fashion retail executive passionate about building brands that customers love while creating inspiring careers in the industry.  My speciality is the customer experience.  I’ve been doing retail my whole life, and I love it!  Seeing a brand come to life, bringing exceptional products, and a super engaging experience to customers and making their day is what it takes to be successful in this competitive landscape.  And, I surround myself with the best of the best, including our outstanding, eco-conscious suppliers."

Q. What neat innovations are coming with your new business?
A. "Oh man … we have ideas galore!  Imagine birthday parties for your pet – on Zoom now – creating a space post-pandemic when you and your pup can go to enjoy a drink and a bite to eat, the opportunities are endless."

Q. Do you have a pet? Tell me about it.
A. "I’ve always had dogs, and the occasional cat.  My last two dogs were Great Danes – Tiffany was a spunky mischievous Harlequin Dane, while Oscar was a gentle Blue Dane.  Osgrrr was inspired by Oscar (obviously) and he, unfortunately, passed while building this site, so it’s a beautiful tribute to my beloved furry companion. Osgrrr is a fun play on his name and, grrr is, well, grrr."

Q. What can customers buy?
A. "The selection of our vendors was done carefully as we are trying to work with people who are doing good for the planet as much as possible. And Canadian when we can. Food is obvious.  We chose the multiple award-winning Nature’s Logic as our primary food selection because they are so highly regarded as being rated one of the top dog food brands, receiving five stars from Dog Food Advisor. They have created the first and only full-line kibble, canned, and raw frozen pet food in the world with no chemically-synthesized ingredients, to ensure that your pet is not exposed to the potential toxicities associated with these man-made substances.

And treats! Sooooo excited about Bocces Bakery!  We have a few other lines of biscuits/bakery, training treats, chewy treats etc.  Every dog deserves lots of love and plenty of treats.

And toys – not the everyday toys you see everywhere!  Osgrrr has natural leather, rope, braided, balls, tough chewers, adorable plush squeakers.  And Woof Concept collars and leashes will blow your mind!  Why is it so hard to find a cool collar?!  Not any more!  And made in Canada." 

Q. Why are pets so important to people, and why is good reliable food delivery an important component to a family’s life these days?
A. "Pets bring 'the love' and companionship and even purpose to people.  It feels great to walk your dog, pet your dog, play with your dog, give healthy food, and treats. The love they give back in return is unconditional.  I was fortunate to be home during the COVID lockdowns to spend so much quality time with Oscar in his senior/final year.  I’d rather curl up on my couch with my dog than drive to the pet store to get his food!  Deliver it to me so I never have to run out again."

Q. What are you doing about COVID?
A. "We are delivering contactless. We offer butler services so seniors and others who can’t leave their homes can still get what they need, including getting their pup to the vet if needed. We are happy to bring an assortment of treats/toys, compostable poop bags – yes really – and the best pee pads you’re ever, ever going to find with no plastic, to your home for a social distance/masked shopping experience.

And our dog walking is in service. The walkers are experienced; walk only on-leash; they use our leashes so there's less cross-contamination, and wear gloves and masks at pickup and drop off. They also send daily pee and poo reports with photos."

Q. Anything else you’d like to talk about?
A. "We’re just very excited to introduce Osgrrr to the pet community, and we hope you enjoy what he has to offer. He’s a verrry good butler; he'll be your best friend's new best friend."

Q. Hey, what about the cats?
A. "Cats are coming. I promise."