Shop. Sit. Stay. We deliver. FREE

An online-only pet store, that delivers in Toronto for no extra cost!!? It's a pretty simple concept, we're sure you con-cur.

But that’s Osgrrr, a truly original pet butler. 

We get that humans are Pavlov-trained to go to a bricks and mortar store to load up on all of their pet essentials ... and some not so essentials. (Hey last minute toy whose face will be ripped off in 30 seconds, like you KNEW it would. grrr) 

But that's SO 2019. Welcome to our list of why you should shop Osgrrr:

  1. We deliver FREE. Did we mention we'll bring your purchase to your home, office, bunker, wherever you want, no matter how small the order, as long as it's in Toronto, FREE? Translation: it costs nothing extra. Nada. No secret shipping costs. No, "Yeah it's free, but, 'Oh wait, catch, as long as you spend $49.99,' that kind of free."  
  2. Baby it's getting cold outside. You stay bundled up with your pup and let us brave Jack Frost's nibble for the kibble. What we really mean is, we know you're either working from home and don't feel like putting on all the sh** to drag yourself out into the cold since you're pretty much comatose these days, and it would mean maybe changing into clean track pants. Or, you're the one who has to actually GO out to work and remembers the empty dog food bin as you put the key in the lock to your front door. Don't worry, we've got you. Just hop on line, order and, POOF we'll bring it to you. 
  3. Dog food bags are heavy. Let us get the hernia.
  4. Avoid the eu da parfume du pet shop. Hever notice zee pet shoppe does not smell like zee store that sells candles, potpourri, room spray, soaps all mixing together in a wonderful melange of meadow smell? With Osgrrr, because you shop from home, the only fragrance involved is your dog's wet paws (wet dog paw is the BEST SMELL EVER).
  5. We have FREE parking. Think about it (with the theme from Jeopardy playing in your head). 
  6. More time to do the things you'd rather be doing ... like throwing one of the cool balls you bought from Osgrrr to your pooch in the dog park. 
  7. Support local. Nothing funny about that so we'll just let that one sit. Stay.
  8. It's just dog-gone easier for you to shop for your pup this way. And that's why we made Osgrrr.