Stressed? Smooch a pooch

During these stressful times, you can get an app for that. Or ... get a dog.

Living with a pet is a healthy stress buster, and research shows that the relationship decreases anxiety and sparks physiological changes that make us feel better, says an article in The Conversation Canada

But while our furry friends had a positive effect pre-pandemic, experts say during the COVID-19 lockdowns, getting a pup or kitten has been even more beneficial. The article adds that the bond between human and the animal is the key.

When the pandemic began in March, animal shelters decided to get all their four-legged visitors adopted or fostered as soon as possible, resulting in an "unprecedented surge" in pets going to new homes worldwide, says the story.

The intention was to help the animals, but the result was better mental health for the humans, says the online post, 

Bringing home the new pets sparked eating better for their new humans, as well as going out for a walk with the dog, it adds.