Tuff chewers are good dogs too

It’s true: a certain segment of the pooch community are tough chewers and need a good, quality toy that can stand up to their dental hijinks, says Osgrrr.com founder Yvonne Faulkner.

Since Osgrrr’s philosophy is that your pets should have only the best, the online pet store went out searching for strong toys that will give our tough chewers as much fun as everyone else.

One of Osgrrr’s new lines is Mammoth Pet Products toys for the “more active chewers.”

Mammoth says their goal is “to encourage a positive play experience between you and your pet by developing innovative products that are interactive and of the highest quality.”

The TireBiter II toys are made from an advanced natural rubber formula for extra-long-lasting play, says Mammoth. “These real tire tough favourites are fun and perfect for interactive playing, tossing and tugging.” 

The Extra Fresh Flossy Chews have real dental floss formulated with natural beeswax and mint to help cheer up the breath and control tartar. And they’re tuff chews so your pet can have hours of interactive playtime.

And, Faulkner notes, that in keeping with Osgrrr’s mandate, the Mammoth toys are sustainably manufactured.