Black Sheep Organics

Allergy Free Organic Shampoo - Hypo-Allergenic for Sensitive Skin


A great shampoo that's hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.  

Made with natural and organic ingredients, this is one of the mildest shampoos Black Sheep Organics has ever used, and it's truly unscented. It's made for the most sensitive of skins. 

Black Sheep says if you're not sure what your dog is allergic to, and he needs a bath, it's best to stick with a simple shampoo with very few ingredients like this one.

Coconut oil* – makes for a thoroughly cleansing soap
Olive oil* – lends an incomparable gentleness
Sunflower oil* – lends an incomparable gentleness
Shea butter * – for a soft coat
Aloe vera* – for healthy skin
Glycerin – is moisturizing
Guar gum – a thickener
Citric acid – a thickener and pH balancer
Rosemary extract – a preservative
Rosemary essential oil * – antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
Mandarin essential oil* – calming, antiseptic
Orange essential oil * – calming, deodorizing
* Certified organic

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