Black Sheep Organics

Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush


This bamboo toothbrush has super soft bristles so they're extra gentle, and they're just the right size for your dog's mouth. Plus they're infused with charcoal for a little extra anti-bacterial power! 

It's no secret that brushing our teeth is necessary for a clean mouth and fresh breath, and it's just as important for your dog. Healthy teeth and gums are a key factor in your dog's overall health.

Most small dogs and some larger dogs have teeth that are much closer together than their wild cousins, giving plaque and bacteria a place to form. While flossing your dog's teeth can be a bit much to ask, brushing them is quite easy. Especially with a yummy toothpaste-like Peppermint Toothpaste with organic coconut oil.

It's also good for the planet. Bamboo requires less water to grow, no pesticides, and grows quickly meaning less dedicated land use. Plus it bio-degrades, creating a closed-loop, renewable resource. The bristles are made from recyclable BPA-free nylon, making this brush 97% plastic-free. The cardboard box is compostable or recyclable.


FSC Certified bamboo

BPA-free nylon bristles infused with charcoal

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