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Martingale Collar – Bubbles

$21 $28.99
The martingale collar provides more control over your dog-in-training without the choking effect.

Crafted in Canada, this collar is durable and soft on the neck. Fully adjustable and made with 100% polypropylene.

It’s lightweight and allows you to correct your dog in a gentle manner. 

* The martingale collar is to be used under supervision and not intended as a daily collar. If your dog is a heavy puller, we do not recommend using a martingale collar.

The purpose of the martingale is to aid your daily training.

Please make note of our weight restrictions on the martingale collar and if you require something much stronger for larger breeds, please contact us for the fabric martingale options. Misusing this product can result in injury. To ensure safety, please consult with a certified trainer before using this product.

Lifetime warranty.

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