Our pet shop has Black Sheep: not baaad!

Osgrrr, the Toronto pet store with free delivery, is all set for that time of year all the cool pups love – grooming season with Black Sheep Organics. The team at our online pet store knows the line is environmentally responsible and creates healthy, natural, hand-crafted dog grooming products.

Repel fleas, flies, ticks and mosquitos with Black Sheep's Lemongrass and Mint Organic Shampoo. It was created for off-leash play, so go ahead, let your dog romp around with their buddies confident that the insect critters will get lost. The Lemongrass and Mint Off-leash Spray pairs perfectly with the shampoo, to get the pests to bug off, without toxic substances or chemicals. 

(PSSST our Toronto pet store also carries the Lemongrass Dogs all natural, gentle shampoo infused with green tea extract to provide natural flea control and aromatherapy benefits.)

The Black Sheep Carrot Seed and Juniper Organic Shampoo is another must have that our online pet shop has in stock, especially as summer rolls in and our pups let the fur fly. The essential oils used in this all-natural shampoo are specially chosen for their oil balancing abilities, which in turn helps with excess shedding. 

Based in Vancouver, Black Sheep uses organic, locally-sourced ingredients, and has adopted eco-friendly business practices, uses minimal and recyclable packaging and donates a portion of their profits to animal welfare and environmental causes.