Unleash the (tiny) hounds with petite plushies!

Toronto pet shop Osgrrr is calling all doggie parents of pint-sized pups!

Are you ready to take indoor playtime to a whole new level of adorable? We've got just the thing for your tiny companions. Introducing Osgrrr's Toronto pet shop lineup of pocket plushie toys designed exclusively for pixie paws!

Prepare for cuteness overload as we embark on exciting adventures with these delightful miniature plush toys.

Meet the Real Feel Fluffy Mini Hedgehog (with squeaker): Let the escapades begin with our furry little friend, crafted with baby-soft Real Feel FabricTM. This petite plushie toy (pictured in our Toronto pet shop) not only keeps your tiny tail-wagger entertained but also provides luxurious comfort. And hey, we won't judge if you end up stealing a few cuddles for yourself; it's the ultimate win-win.

Check out the rest of our Toronto pet shop's petite plushie lineup: There's the Bunny, Owl, Bandana Bear, Bumblebee, Duckling, Turtle, Pucci's Sandal, and don't forget the French Fries, chomp.

The adventure continues with this array of Lilliputian characters that'll make your heart melt. Whether it's hopping into action with the Bunny, soaring to new heights with the Owl, or embarking on a cuddly journey with the Bandana Bear, these minis are ready for some serious playtime. And let's not forget the quirky additions like Pucci's Sandal, French Fries, and more – it's a paw-ty of cuteness!

3 features that make these plushies at our Toronto pet store extra special:

  • Warm & Secure Comfort: Crafted with Real Feel FabricTM, these toys you'll find at Osgrrr's Toronto pet shop, provide a soothing and calming layer of comfort for your furry pals. Snuggling up with their petite plushie companions becomes a warm and secure experience, perfect for those cozy indoor moments.
  • Durability for Endless Fun: Reinforced with mesh fabric, these miniature wonders are built to withstand the most enthusiastic play sessions. No need to worry about wear and tear – these toys are ready for a long-lasting relationship with your tiny doggie.
  • Squeaky Joy: What's playtime without a little squeak? The squeakers are sewn into a separate pouch and stitched into the seam, ensuring extra protection and endless squeaky enjoyment for your pint-sized pals. Every toss and squeeze will bring boundless joy and excitement!

From the tiniest hedgehog to an ensemble of lovable characters, our Toronto pet shop's petite plushies are here to bring endless fun and snuggle-worthy moments to your small dog's indoor adventures. So, doggie parents, it's time to throw, squeak, snuggle, and repeat with these adorable companions.

Get ready for cuteness overload and a whole lot of tail-wagging fun! Shop now at Toronto pet store Osgrrr and let the playtime extravaganza begin!

Disclaimer: Please note that supervision is always recommended during playtime to ensure the safety of your furry friends. Spot cleaning is recommended for maintaining the pristine fluffiness of these petite plushies.