Streetwear-inspired dog apparel covers new ground

Outfitting your BFF in protective dog apparel from Woof Concept’s Lab IX collection gets cred with the style-conscious, but there’s the added benefit of a healthy and comfortable pet. The trend isn’t just for winter – spring/summer gear keeps pups dry.

According to the American Kennel Club, canine clothing isn’t just for those humans who want to make their pet look cute anymore. Modern dog coats “serve a more important purpose,” especially those designed to be both fashionable and functional. 

Dog owners know that a winter coat acts as an insulator, but for spring and cool summer/fall days, a windbreaker can “shield your pet from the nasty sting of the windchill, which can make it feel a lot colder outside than it actually is,” says the article, adding that getting wet outside can affect their body temperature.

Woof Concept has disrupted the dog clothing industry with its line of technical outfits that are not only the height of style but mindfully made with function the key. Gone are the days of the dog in a jacket that stops him from doing what he does best – running and playing no matter the weather conditions. The Lab IX line has something for every day or season.

Our changing climate means diverse weather conditions, and even as we come into the warmer months, the need for a light windbreaker or hoodie can keep your pet exercising even on those days you’d both rather stay under the duvet.

Windbreakers, hoodies, jackets, and coats. The Canadian pet brand’s selection of “streetwear-inspired clothing for dogs sets the standard within the dog apparel industry,” says their website. “From windbreakers that can be folded in your pocket to hoodies that are made from human-grade materials,” Woof Concept covers new ground while “keeping things simple.”

Featuring dark grey camos, muted navy blues, and inky blacks, the collection takes your dog to the mood of the street.

The Arrow Windbreaker just dropped. A perfect solution for this time of year, the windbreaker takes “flexibility to whole new levels,” says Woof Concept, adding the lightweight and sporty windbreaker is great to have in your pocket throughout the year to deflect moisture and wind. They also bring “finesse to those otherwise dark and gloomy days.”

The Lab IX hoodie collection strives “for that streetwear-inspired look” designed with spring and fall in mind. The hoodies can be worn on a rainy day or a chilly night, and the fabric “would be just as comfortable if it was worn by a human.”

When the weather starts cooling down again, the Cognito jacket has a camouflage design that when light shines on it, the design glows, making them more visible. “Featuring soft and lightweight micro-fleece lining and an elastic neckline, these jackets keep your dog both safe and warm,” says Woof Concept.

“A perfect accessory for those who trek the most at night,” the jacket’s lightweight, soft shell withstands water, says the website, noting its best for spring, fall and winter.

Finally, since Woof Concept is a Canadian-based company, of course, they would have the best winter coat. The Wintertide coat is “equipped with ultra-soft fabric for optimal comfort and micro-fleece lining” to help any dog “stay warm through the coldest of climates.”