Leaf poop bags are 100% compostable

Plastic is everywhere – but not in the Leaf compostable poop bags.

Particles of plastic have even infiltrated our food, water and the air, says an article on the Leaf website.

“It is in the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, and is used to construct every building we enter,” says Leaf, a Canadian composting business. “Only recently have we seen first-hand the detriment it causes to our environment and health.”

According to stats on their website, Leaf says 90 per cent of birds have plastic in their stomachs, 8 million tons end up in our oceans every year, and most tea bags contain up to 25 per cent plastic.  The article adds that single use plastics are 40 to 60 per cent of total production, and microplastics have been found in 93 per cent of bottled water, beer and honey.

“There are dozens of chemical additives called plasticizers in plastic that causes endocrine and reproductive diseases as well as cardiotoxicity,” says Leaf.

“By using compostable alternatives, we as a society can eliminate 60% of plastic output. This is translates to 25,000 Eiffel Towers of plastics taken out of our environment. We recognize the logical disconnect of making a single use product out of a material that lasts 100-1,000 years. With your help, together we will fix this problem,” says Leaf.

By using non-GMO corn and sugarcane the Leaf poop bags are 100 per cent compostable. And they were extensively tested in composting facilities and approved by various government bodies.

Leaf does not work with biodegradable products as most of those are “green washed products that harm the environment.”

The dog waste bags are eco-friendly and break down into water, biomass, and CO2 in compostable conditions and continue to nurture future green growth.